Marketing Consultation

Web Sessions offers an ongoing marketing consultation service which encompasses the overall online strategy to drive your business forward.

The marketing service is suitable for all small/medium and large size businesses.

Our approach combines progressive, strategic thinking with technical expertise and personalised service. We work with a range of both B2B or B2C clientele and always do everything possible to achieve the desired outcome for our partners.

Social Media

We focus on helping you utilise the ever-growing and ever-changing power of various social media platforms to grow the presence of your brand.

The most powerful, well known, social media networks are constantly changing to keep up with their competition. New features and changes are constantly happening as they all compete for our attention. Each change will have varying impacts on the amount of attention they get from us.

This is why we are worth having on your side. We know each case if different. We analyse each company and their industry to enable us formulate a plan to get you the attention you require.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising is an ever-growing part of every successful marketing strategy. Today Facebook could give you the best value for your dollar. Tomorrow Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Snapchat might be the way to maximise your ROI.

From concept, creative and audience building to the data and statistics, we deliver paid social media ad campaigns at the highest level.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the practice of utilising influential figures in your industry to promote your products and services to their audiences.

We know it works and what is required to achieve it.

Many consumers look to influential people to help guide them to a quality purchase. We have grown to have a vast network of influencers & bloggers and vloggers who we will contact on your behalf to put your services in front of their huge audiences.

This only leads to more creditability, brand awareness, traffic and sales.

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