Podcasts & Recordings

Paras Media offers an end to end Podcast service which covers the capturing of all the content, the post & edits, copywriting & distribution of all the content.

As a whole, on average, we would usually look to output between 15-25 pieces of content per podcast although this could vary depending on the length of the podcast and the number of guests involved in the production.

Podcasts usually take place in a studio to obtain the best possible quality but can take place at any location.

Our staff will capture the Raw Film, Raw Audio and some Raw Images on the day of the production.

The Raw film is then edited to produce multiple, different size visual creatives with different messaging to appeal to different audiences while the Raw Audio is edited to remove any mistakes or outtakes, output clear crisp sound and include any intros, stings or sponsors needed.

Written content includes the podcast show notes, any blog content that can be derived from the episode plus the transcript and any captions required.

Each podcast will need to be hosted somewhere and then distributed on various audio related platforms in order for users to be able to find your podcast.

The edited visual content will also drive traffic to the recordings while also providing quality visuals for the respective platforms to enable more engagement and drive growth.